Rain Β rain don’t go away…

It’s  raining today….

Finally after a very hot summer ,it finally rained and i feel relaxed just watrching the drops fall heaven.

 I feel much better after watching this rain. I spent two beautiful hours just staring outside from the balcony.

Feel Amazing…!                                                                                                                        

Long time .. No see….!!!

Hello all

It’s been almost 4months since i wrote. Ofcourse i missed writing my views,feelings…

Well, it’s  also been 4 months since my wedding  . So,  why don’t i start writing my exoeriences as a bengali wife

Well,it’s been a little tough in the first month  with all the eyes on you ,waiting to see whether I can fit in their family or not.I was overwhelmed with fear of failing to meet their expectations.

I won’t lie but my husband’s been a fantastic support to me at every situation..

I am still trying to fit in here ,still trying to learn all their traiditions,their rules at home, their food habits,their etc.,etc.,…………………………….

Well, i am definitely tired as hell. I just need good sleep. I am really tired of following each and every teeny tiny rule. I just want a peaceful life with my husband.

Being a youngest daughter-in-law in a joint family is really tiring.

We Woman are the best of human creatures. We sacrifice ,we suffer(in silence ),we love ,we take care of every person who is acquainted with us and finally we become Mother’s ,which is the hardest thing in the world and yet we manage to complete the task of being a mother with a smile on our faces always.

We Woman are greatest creatures in the world .

We should be respected ansd loved for who we are.

To all  the woman in the world..!

Life after marriage

This is my second post after my wedding. Its been almost two months since my last post. I have been very busy all these days trying my best to adjust at my in laws place.It’s very difficult for any girl to adjust in a place where all are new and it takes time to adjust with the rules and all. 

From past month I have been struggling to get adjusted with the new environment. Its been good so far. And yes ,I am enjoying my best.:-) 

Now that I had adjusted to every detail at my in laws, I will take some time out to write about all the things that I am experiencing as a new wife:-) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ 

I would also share some interesting Bengali recipe’s that I have learned .
P.s : loving the life after wedding:-) πŸ™‚ especially when he is around,it feels so good.

Day 19

Here I am on my bed ,just woke up and started thinking about the wonderful weekend I had. Had fun filled festival with my family.Aww festivals..😘 brings families together. I loves this feel. Took leave and finally out of work pressure. 

Two and a half weeks to go. Things are going smooth and as planned. My husband (not yet married but I prefer to call him husband) , bought a new bike in exchange for his old one and surprised me with the Royal Enfield.. 😍😍😍 the bike is so elegant,it just suits him so much and I decided to call the bike ,”the Tiger”, isn’t it the perfect name πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜….

Started sending out wedding cards. And I am finally relieved that in only few days I am gonna be a wife to my baby and going to start a new life.

Still waiting eyes…!

Day 25

It’s getting closer. I am gonna be a married . Oh my god ! 


You never know how life shows you different aspects of relations , responsibilities, love, fun , togetherness, family.

Let’s see how this marriage life will treat me….😍
Waiting eyes..!


I don’t remember how we started talking again..

But I do remember how we couldn’t stop talking to each other . We were crazily talking day and night. We shared our Life stories, we shared our interests, our hobbies,our likes and dislikes and finally our opinion on love. 

So, when I told him about how am to marry in an arranged way , he became so furious saying,”how can you marry a guy whom you don’t know at all”.. I didn’t knew any answer for that. And the argument went on for two days and finally he said that we would marry me and will treat me like his princess. I was like ,”what the hell..?..  Yes , he proposed me . I never expected this , not from Subho at all. I asked him the reason behind this proposal. I mean he doesn’t even know about me completely, how can he just propose like that…? 

When I was all in thoughts about this proposal, he then told me that he fell in love with me the first he saw me in the office and he was dreaming about marrying a girl like me. I was so confused and surprised. Mixed feelings for few months. 

Now ,that was my time to give him an answer. I went to him and told him that if he would meet my parents and if he would convince them then I would marry him. I didn’t know why I said this ,I mean he is the handsome guy in the entire building but still in thoughts of so many unanswered questions I told my parents about him. My parents were surprised and said they would meet him in person and would talk with him. 

That’s it they met ,they spoke ,they loved him , they met his parents and they all liked each other and finally we are now waiting to get married.

It was beautiful 8 months journey and still counting. 

I believe that we are made for each other. I fell in love with him and my love for him is growing every day.

That’s the story of my love life.

Will write more about how my pre wedding days and post wedding days would be like..!

Waiting eyes…!

Continuation from my previous post..Oh crap ,it’s new year..!

Then came my love, who swept me off my feet.

We were jus two individuals in the training room at our office. He was being so irritated and I hated him for being so silly. He used to tease each and every one in the training session. I hated him for that and then came my chance. He started teasing me so much that I had to warn him . I told him that I would file a complaint against him if he wouldn’t stop it. That’s it. The horror began. He stopped talking to me. Oh crap!! That’s even worst. He never looked at me nor even were a feet distance from me. I felt very bad and gathered all the courage and apologized to him. But still no change. I thought ,”huh, he is an ass”

But I don’t remember how we started talking again. 

New year.. New Responsibilities..Oh Crap..!

Today when I woke up and saw my phone,there were so many text messages which says wishes for the new year and I realised that ,”Oh crap, another year is over ” . 

Days passed so fast , this entire year passed in a blink . 

Still in bed I thought of all the things that I did in this year ,hmmm , and then I realised that 2016 has been a very good year for me. This year has  actually changed my life . 

Until 2016 I was just a girl who was invisible , people hardly noticed me. I was all alone and so on depression. I thought I would get married to some random guy from the match making site and go away far with him and that would be the end of my life.

Can you believe that I had to sit before 7 guys and their families so that one of them would accept to marry me ?.

I know it sounds weird but this is what happens in our Telugu families. My friend’s got married that way ,my sister’s got married the same way. Not only them every Telugu girl that I know got married the same way. 

We don’t get choose our man infact a man chooses us . If they are settled and have the capacity to feed his wife and if the families like each other ,that means the wedding is happening. 

I was so terrorised that the same would happen with me too. I was so in depression.

Then came my love ,who just swept me off of my feet.

I’ll tell the rest in the next post.

Waiting eyes

Day 39

It’s been such a busy week and a weekend too..!

My dad finally came back from Bangalore and now is happily taking care of all the wedding works.Phew..I am relieved..!

Coming to my work, it’s still hell but I am managing some how . Have been busy all week working extra time and finally my manager is happy with the output.  Again relieved..!

Festival season…Yayyy.:)

January is the festival month. We have our main festival ,Pongal, which falls every year on Jan 14th ,15th and the 16th. Yes, it’s a three days festival for the urban people and a week’s festival for the rural ones.

Here are some interesting facts about PONGAL:

  • Pongal is called the festival of harvest.
  • People buy new clothes and offer them to their ancestors and thank them for the life that they have given us.
  • There is a special menu for Pongal which consists of mixed vegetable curry,dal,rice and a pudding (made of rice and milk).
  • Kites festival is usually celebrated during Pongal .
  • The first days of Pongal is called BHOGI. On that day people wake up very early and burn wood (from trees or any old furniture) ,and boil water on the fire and usually bath with it. And a vegetarian meal is prepared on that day.
  • The second day is called the actual Pongal day or Sankranthi (Telugu),people prepare a special menu and pray to their ancestors.
  • The third day is called KANUMA also called the non vegetarian day where people celebrate with different dishes made from meat.

I Love Pongal , because it brings families together. All the newly wed visits the girls family and celebrate.The new son-in-law’s receive many gifts.

Even my fiance is gonna get many gifts.Yayyyy…!

Lastly , no plans for new year..I am just gonna spend my new year at home with my cousins in peace.

Waiting eyes. !