Long time .. No see….!!!

Hello all

It’s been almost 4months since i wrote. Ofcourse i missed writing my views,feelings…

Well, it’s  also been 4 months since my wedding  . So,  why don’t i start writing my exoeriences as a bengali wife

Well,it’s been a little tough in the first month  with all the eyes on you ,waiting to see whether I can fit in their family or not.I was overwhelmed with fear of failing to meet their expectations.

I won’t lie but my husband’s been a fantastic support to me at every situation..

I am still trying to fit in here ,still trying to learn all their traiditions,their rules at home, their food habits,their etc.,etc.,…………………………….

Well, i am definitely tired as hell. I just need good sleep. I am really tired of following each and every teeny tiny rule. I just want a peaceful life with my husband.

Being a youngest daughter-in-law in a joint family is really tiring.

We Woman are the best of human creatures. We sacrifice ,we suffer(in silence ),we love ,we take care of every person who is acquainted with us and finally we become Mother’s ,which is the hardest thing in the world and yet we manage to complete the task of being a mother with a smile on our faces always.

We Woman are greatest creatures in the world .

We should be respected ansd loved for who we are.

To all  the woman in the world..!


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