I don’t remember how we started talking again..

But I do remember how we couldn’t stop talking to each other . We were crazily talking day and night. We shared our Life stories, we shared our interests, our hobbies,our likes and dislikes and finally our opinion on love. 

So, when I told him about how am to marry in an arranged way , he became so furious saying,”how can you marry a guy whom you don’t know at all”.. I didn’t knew any answer for that. And the argument went on for two days and finally he said that we would marry me and will treat me like his princess. I was like ,”what the hell..?..  Yes , he proposed me . I never expected this , not from Subho at all. I asked him the reason behind this proposal. I mean he doesn’t even know about me completely, how can he just propose like that…? 

When I was all in thoughts about this proposal, he then told me that he fell in love with me the first he saw me in the office and he was dreaming about marrying a girl like me. I was so confused and surprised. Mixed feelings for few months. 

Now ,that was my time to give him an answer. I went to him and told him that if he would meet my parents and if he would convince them then I would marry him. I didn’t know why I said this ,I mean he is the handsome guy in the entire building but still in thoughts of so many unanswered questions I told my parents about him. My parents were surprised and said they would meet him in person and would talk with him. 

That’s it they met ,they spoke ,they loved him , they met his parents and they all liked each other and finally we are now waiting to get married.

It was beautiful 8 months journey and still counting. 

I believe that we are made for each other. I fell in love with him and my love for him is growing every day.

That’s the story of my love life.

Will write more about how my pre wedding days and post wedding days would be like..!

Waiting eyes…!


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