Continuation from my previous post..Oh crap ,it’s new year..!

Then came my love, who swept me off my feet.

We were jus two individuals in the training room at our office. He was being so irritated and I hated him for being so silly. He used to tease each and every one in the training session. I hated him for that and then came my chance. He started teasing me so much that I had to warn him . I told him that I would file a complaint against him if he wouldn’t stop it. That’s it. The horror began. He stopped talking to me. Oh crap!! That’s even worst. He never looked at me nor even were a feet distance from me. I felt very bad and gathered all the courage and apologized to him. But still no change. I thought ,”huh, he is an ass”

But I don’t remember how we started talking again. 


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