New year.. New Responsibilities..Oh Crap..!

Today when I woke up and saw my phone,there were so many text messages which says wishes for the new year and I realised that ,”Oh crap, another year is over ” . 

Days passed so fast , this entire year passed in a blink . 

Still in bed I thought of all the things that I did in this year ,hmmm , and then I realised that 2016 has been a very good year for me. This year has  actually changed my life . 

Until 2016 I was just a girl who was invisible , people hardly noticed me. I was all alone and so on depression. I thought I would get married to some random guy from the match making site and go away far with him and that would be the end of my life.

Can you believe that I had to sit before 7 guys and their families so that one of them would accept to marry me ?.

I know it sounds weird but this is what happens in our Telugu families. My friend’s got married that way ,my sister’s got married the same way. Not only them every Telugu girl that I know got married the same way. 

We don’t get choose our man infact a man chooses us . If they are settled and have the capacity to feed his wife and if the families like each other ,that means the wedding is happening. 

I was so terrorised that the same would happen with me too. I was so in depression.

Then came my love ,who just swept me off of my feet.

I’ll tell the rest in the next post.

Waiting eyes


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