Day 39

It’s been such a busy week and a weekend too..!

My dad finally came back from Bangalore and now is happily taking care of all the wedding works.Phew..I am relieved..!

Coming to my work, it’s still hell but I am managing some how . Have been busy all week working extra time and finally my manager is happy with the output.  Again relieved..!

Festival season…Yayyy.:)

January is the festival month. We have our main festival ,Pongal, which falls every year on Jan 14th ,15th and the 16th. Yes, it’s a three days festival for the urban people and a week’s festival for the rural ones.

Here are some interesting facts about PONGAL:

  • Pongal is called the festival of harvest.
  • People buy new clothes and offer them to their ancestors and thank them for the life that they have given us.
  • There is a special menu for Pongal which consists of mixed vegetable curry,dal,rice and a pudding (made of rice and milk).
  • Kites festival is usually celebrated during Pongal .
  • The first days of Pongal is called BHOGI. On that day people wake up very early and burn wood (from trees or any old furniture) ,and boil water on the fire and usually bath with it. And a vegetarian meal is prepared on that day.
  • The second day is called the actual Pongal day or Sankranthi (Telugu),people prepare a special menu and pray to their ancestors.
  • The third day is called KANUMA also called the non vegetarian day where people celebrate with different dishes made from meat.

I Love Pongal , because it brings families together. All the newly wed visits the girls family and celebrate.The new son-in-law’s receive many gifts.

Even my fiance is gonna get many gifts.Yayyyy…!

Lastly , no plans for new year..I am just gonna spend my new year at home with my cousins in peace.

Waiting eyes. !


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