Day 48- Bride to be..!

Yes, it’s really exciting when I hear people calling me a bride.Yay .! I’m gonna be a bride soon.

I have completed all the things from my checklist. Since I gonna be a Bengali bride and I don’t know a thing about their tradition, I have been watching some videos in the YouTube and found out some interesting facts.

1. The bride and the groom has to wear crowns during the wedding ceremony.(it’s so embarrassing , yikes..!)

2. The groom’s family are gonna send a fish which would be decorated as a bride.( Bizzare..!)

3. I am gonna have to be given a make up and should look like the goddess Kali .

4. The groom’s mother should not see the wedding ceremony , she should be staying at home and has to arrange things to welcome the new bride .

5. The groom has to wear a dhoti without a  shirt.( Good luck honey, please work out..!)

6. On the eighth day after the wedding, the newly wed has to stay for three days at the girl’s parents house.

These are some of the traditions of a Bengali wedding. 

I’ll find out more and will update soon..!

Waiting eyes..!


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