Day 50 

Wow,50 days to go. I can’t believe its been 8 months since I got engaged. Days passed so fast and I am gonna be a wife to someone whom I love and I am sure will love the same like today for the rest of my life.

Its been two weeks since I saw him. We work for the same organisation but in different shifts. Our manager (whom I hate to the core) purposely put us into different shifts timings after she knew we got engaged. I am working Morning’s and he is in the night. It’s very disturbing . But I say to myself that it’s ok ,only 50 days more and he will be mine forever and nobody can even think of seperating us.Positive attitude helps sometimes :)😀

Coming to my wedding schedules , everything is going cool and almost done except for food menu and jewellery.I  have been practicing yoga for weeks ,and I feel so relaxed and calm from inside and also lost some weight. Yes, it’s pretty amazing. Work’s been good and boring as always but I’ve got no choice but to bear it.

I am little worried still eventhough everything is going good ,it’s because I have promised myself that I would pay for the wedding costs. I don’t want to depend on my family for the wedding expenses . And now my savings and the loan seems to be less than the expenses. Now I can’t go back and ask my parents for money, right.? No, I can’t and I won’t. Have to manage somehow. I have to figure something and solve this too.

Help me God..!


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