Day 60

Two more months to be a Bengali bride.

I haven’t written anything for the past two days because I was busy organising things for my wedding.

So , I planned a method in which I could finish up the tasks much quicker .The phrase “Divide and rule” really helped me . So I wrote a list of ‘to do things’ and distributed among my family members.Also I categorised the budget plan so that I won’t be in trouble. 

Firstly, shopping. Yes, tomorrow I am taking a day off and will buy all the clothes ,gifts and stuff. It’s gonna be real hectic but happy to do it. 

Then ,there is this ritual in his tradition that will start from this weekend.

The ritual is that all the relatives would invite both of us to their houses and would feed us. Whaaaaaaat..,? 

Yes, it’s one of the tradition that the bride and the groom should be fed well by the near and dear before the wedding. I mean I am on a special diet to loose some tummy and here we go , all of them want me to grow some. Hmmm, can’t help ! Tradition first.

I am going to seriously visit pure Bengali families(bengalies eat lot of sweets ,lots of them ,u can hardly find a skinny Bengali) ,who will feed us with lots of fatty items. And we are going to visit more than 20 families. I should seriously buy bigger dresses, LOL..!

A two month feasts, full of food. Food apart, I love being with people.I love visiting relatives and spending some time with all of them. It’s gonna be fun..Yayy pretty excited.

This is just a part of the plans that I made. Will write some more soon..!
Waiting eyes..!

P . S:  Things are cool with my fiance. I guess,talking really helps. When u want somebody to talk to you,you just need to go and talk to them ,tell them how u feel.


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