Day 67 Morning post

I woke up at 4.30 am because I have to be at office by 6.30 am and my office cab comes here to pick me up by 5.20 am.

God ,I hate waking up early to go to work which I hate.You can see me use the word Hate plenty of times and please understand the fact that I am really frustrated with my job . Yes , but I don’t have a choice.

I didn’t even sleep the entire night thinking about what all should I do today about my wedding and started planning in my sleep itself and hence I woke up with a bad headache.I have to travel very far in this cold climate with this headache. This is so bad. I didn’t get a proper sleep in like days. I need rest . Yesterday I spoke to my boss about taking a time off work until the wedding.And he said, to go on a sabbatical I need to be tenured. So, it’s a straight NO on my face. I don’t even have many leaves and I need a lot of them.:(.. I am sure I’ll figure out a way to get out of all this .

Coming to my wedding plans, yesterday I travelled to city to buy a nice saree for myself .I drove my little bike and successfully reached the store. I bought a red saree with gold stone worked border which looked really beautiful.I loved the saree , eventhough it costed a little too much , I bought it. It’s my wedding ,yayy,i deserve a costly saree.:) And I was so excited and that’s when something terrible happened.Well, there’s an interesting yet stupid fact about my bike. It stops working whenever I need it. Yes ,I  couldn’t start it ,I have had  this heavy luggage and I couldn’t start my bike.God I felt really bad I almost had tears because there was no mechanic shop nearby . Few men tried to help me but this thing won’t start. So i closed my eyes and cursed the bike that if it won’t start I am going to sell it to a very bad person ,and I tried to start it and it worked. Yes , miracles do happen ,LOL, my bike started and I reached home safe:)

That’s quite an adventure.

So back to this morning,as soon as I woke up I saw a message on my phone from my sister in law(fiance’s sister) saying that I forgot her and that I stopped texting her.! Oo this is bad.

I forgot to mention that I am going to marry a Bengali guy. Yes, my fiance is from West Bengal . And I am the youngest daughter in law in that family and my fiance’s family has huge expectations on me.

Expectations like : text each one of them everyday , atleast twice a day .  

I am really bad at this. I have a very bad habit of forgetting such things. I am caught up with so many works and I forget things like texting people. Now I am in trouble. I gift her something this weekend when I go and visit them. Maybe this  will help.

Just while writing this I remembered why I stopped texting her.Few months ago she asked for my favorite colours and I told her that I like red black and blue . I also mentioned that I hate yellow. I don’t know why but she gifted me two sarees which are pure bright yellow. Oh god I looked hideous when I wore them. I mean I looked like a banana. I hated them so much . Hence , I stopped texting her I guess.

Hmmm that’s it for now.

Waiting eyes..!


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