Count down begins…

Day 68

There’s exactly 68 days left for my big day and I haven’t started anything yet. Days are passing so soon and I am caught up with my office work that I hardly find time to do the arrangements.

My dad is out if town on work ,my brother is busy with his new job and you know about Indian house mom’s right..?

I alone have to do Everything. I am pretty confused on what to start first. The only thing I did was that I booked a beautiful hall of my wedding and there’s a lot more to do.

I have to shop ,buy sarees,sandals,bangles etc etc etc…Oh God..!! I am so worried .Have to buy clothes as gifts for  his and my  entire family .There is no time at all.Days are passing so fast..

I have to book appointment at Beauty parlours and I am confused about which parlour gives their best service.I have to start enquiries about all of these. I don’t have much time and there’s like tons of things that I have to take care about.

I am going to write all the experiences about my preparations for my big day for the next 67 days..Please do suggest ideas that can make my life easier.

Waiting eyes .!


2 thoughts on “Count down begins…

  1. Oh i know how you feel, though I am sure your culture adds a little more responsibility and tasks to your list (purchasing clothing for your whole family, for example). My wedding is going to be simple, but one thing that is helping me a bunch is keeping a planner or binder to write everything down to stay organized. It helps a lot in regards to dates and purchases. Excited to continue with you on your journey!

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    1. Awwww that’s sweet..I always wanted a simple wedding too..but there’s never a wedding called simple in INDIA..Well, I do have a Filofax which is especially categorised for my wedding..The only problem is I live very far from the city and I find it very hard to travel ,we don’t have cab facilities here . And I am very excited for you too.. Congrats..:)
      Keep reading my posts ,I am going to write everything and also few fun facts about the INDIAN wedding .It’s gonna be different because I am getting married to a guy who is entirely from a different state .
      Thanks for stopping by..:)

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