Boring sundays

Sunday’s are always boring.I feel so lazy and its sick.I woke up at 7 and sat near the window and allowed the sun rays on my face. Mmm, it’s so good to feel warm on a winter day. I Don’t have any plans for the day so I’ll just take plenty of rest as I have office tomorrow ,have to wake up early in the morning. God , I hate my job. 

I’ve got little boils on my face which are leaving black marks. I never had such  things on my face before. Wedding is nearing and I feel so bad for what is happening to my face.Moreover this winter is killing me because I have dry skin type. 

It’s really boring. Want to watch a movie but my fiance can’t take me because he has to stay at his place to look after his dog. Yes ,he has to look after his dog because all his family are out of town . I wanted to go visit him but I am not really allowed to visit his place when he is alone. Hmm, I miss him.

I hate to just waste a day by not doing anything. I live very far from the city and I feel lazy to travel. I have to make some plans ahead from next weekend . 

That’s it for now.!!


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