The first time I saw you

I always remember the first I saw you.That was the only memory I would cherish for a lifetime.I remember looking at you and especially your eyes.Your eyes speak alot.The way you looked at me just made me fall in love with you . Yes, it’s love at first sight.

I kept on staring at you. Your smile is unforgettable.Your smile ,your smiley eyes swept me off my feet.

And the first time you touched me gave me cold feet.Even the touch from the tip of fingers made me feel so wanted.I so badly wanted to be with you,hold your hands, rest my head on your shoulder and keep looking at the neverending ocean with a love smile on my face.I am so in love.Wanted to tell you all this but was very nervous of loosing you.

Just while thinking all this and feeling nervous,you came by and asked me if I could marry you. I was so shocked.I mean was that a dream..? 

No, it’s not.Its true .He proposed me and without even having second thoughts I just said yes and successfully completed 9 months of our beautiful journey.Waiting to get married to you.Just two months but it’s like forever.Cant wait to lead a life with you.I love you so much.

When it’s the ONE you need not think of choices ,you can just blindly go for it and I am sure you won’t regret it.I went for mine and this is the perfect life that I have. 

This is for all the true lover’s out there.Just keep loving.

Yamuna Subhojeet


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