Hey you..Yes,its you.

Yes it is you.

You are the one who is doing this to me.

What’s wrong with you..?

I mean, what is the matter with you..?

There is definitely something wrong with you.

You are acting a little weird now a days.

You need help, definitely a help.

I mean why is that you are acting crazy when he is around.

The way you beat very fast is making me worried.

You are making me cold feet.

Why are you pounding so fast , and making me nervous .

I know I love him but lemme handle this ,you just relax please.

With you I might just faint and might blabber before him.

I don’t wanna be nervous ..

So dear HEART ,yes YOU my HEART,please stay calm when I see him.

I will try my best to tell him that I love him but please lemme handle things,you jus relax and pump blood that’s enough…:))

My heart, he is soon gonna replace you.I know it’s hurts but you gonna need to just step aside and give him a warm welcome..I know you will,because you are my HEART..


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