Difficult love


I don’t even know what it means.But I sure do know that love is very difficult.Being in love is the hardest thing ever.

Loves makes you fall for a person and it will put you in a position where you are strangled by your own fear of loosing him/her.

Love can only happen once ,people say..! Actually love doesn’t happen at all.Loving a person is just liking them more than anyone , that’s all.Its not called love..! 

Love is living for someone,dying to spend the rest of the life with someone who deserves it. But who is the one is the million dollar question.!

The One is the person who is always with you.I mean you don’t see it but they are always with you at your every step,at ur every highs and lows.

The One is you.Yes, its you.We don’t realise the fact that yourself is the one with whom you should fall in love with.You are your own shadow.You are your own strength.You are your own weakness.Its in yourr hand’s how you shape your life.Write your own story .Be proud of yourself .LOVE YOURSELF.


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