Confused :(

Confused again.

I am working for an MNC and i hate my job.I really don’t know how to survive in this little world.There are no opportunities here (where i live).LIFE REALLY SUCKS.

I don’t even know how to start.What are my interests..?

Well i like fashion but i dress poor because i am not allowed to dress as i like since i am Indian and i am from a  very traditional places in INDIA. But i do like watching people in fashion and follow their style.But i am stuck with my job which is killing me everyday.There are lots of challenges and difficulties that i am facing.I  mean i have strength to face anything if i really love it.But i hate my job.

I am good at hospitality .I worked for a hotel and i was so good at it.I used to love my job and i spend hours working ,arranging meetings for the guests,tasting food(i miss tasting food),wishing people with  a smile,playing off with guest’s kids,watching people having fun .I really miss my old job.But i am not suitable for it because i am not a party freak and i do hate alcoholics .

What am I going to do..?

Do i have to work here for the rest of my life.? Don’t i deserve something better,something which i love..?

How do i find something that i love..? Where do i search for it..?

I cannot move out of where i live.I am stuck here for a lifetime and still dreaming to settle in the USA. LOl..!! like that could ever happen.Ha ha ha .

I seriously should change the name of my blog.It doesn’t even match to what i write.

I cannot even afford to get a new computer for god sake .I hate typing in this stupid keyboard which makes noise.

Please god ..! Help me find something .Help me find a  good job.Help me find some peace.




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