Starters :P

I don’t really know why I even started this blog,but i’m sure as I go along I might find the true purpose of this.I am a little confused of what to write because I have absolutely no idea.So,ill write all the things that I see ,think,feel with some actual facts that goes around me.

While I go sharing stuff that happens around where I live ,I would like if you people also share some thoughts.

So,let’s get started.

I’ll start by apologizing for my horrible English.I am still learning and you will find plenty of typo errors because the keyboard that i am typing in,really sucks!!:(

Is TYPO even a word..?Need your feedback…!!

So,this fine evening I would like to write about why did i get a thought of starting a blog.:)

I was sitting on terrace with my fiance chit chatting about our lives before we met each other.(Yes ,I’m engaged,Yayyyyyy..that’s like the coolest thing ever…)

Suddenly it occurred to me that we have loads of memories to remember and we use only 1% of our brain (I mean i use very little),so i thought to myself,”Hey ,what if  i forget these coolest memories in the future.I can’t take the risk of forgetting these..hmmm..I know ! Ill start a blog and i can write all the memories and can read them whenever i want.”And that’s when i started this blog.

Actually ,the real reason behind opening a blog is to connect with people like me.And when i mean people like me ,i meant people who have like tons of dream’s and can’t even fulfill any of them.Dreams sucks !! Really sucks!! Dreams gives us lots of hope but in reality they don’t happen and leaves us in dilemma.True…? Hifi to whoever agrees with me.

When i was eight i wanted to learn KARATE .I was so crazy about it ,i literally wanted to learn karate and punch a guy on his face.I am sure my dad saw it coming so he said NO karate for girls.That was a heartbreaking moment.I used to watch the kids in the karate class from a window and wanted to punch each and every one of them..ha ha (chuckles).I never did though..!

At 10 i wanted to learn classical dance and started dreaming that one day i would definitely become  a star dancer.Guess what ..? Rejection again..!The truth is i am a very good dancer and my dad knows it very well.Broken heart again.

At 12 -An actress

At 14-No dreams because i was sick the entire year.

At 16-Boyfriend..I was too ugly and not a chance at all.

At 18-Actress again

At 20-A banker and also a writer(wrote silly stories and read it to my friends and they literally laughed at me..Insult..!

At 22-Actress ,Director,Dancer,Writer and a professor…I really can’t catch a break( Is this phrase appropriate to use it here..Feedback..!)

Age 9,11,13,15,17,19,21 were the ages where i was heart broken and was sobbing that my dreams didnt happen.

These are some of the dreams that  broke my heart.

Now that i remebered all these broken hearts i need sometime to curse few people who didnt let my dreams come true.And also its time for my favorite sitcom THE BIG BANG THEORY.

I’ll write again soon with some more facts and some more past silly incidents.

Signing off now.

Adios !!








2 thoughts on “Starters :P

  1. Funny post! And yes “typo” is a word. You are doing great with your english, I can understand what you mean. I think documenting your memories is such a great reason to start blogging, you will want to remember these moments. Its a big reason why I started blogging. Was planning on writing about that, just need to find the write words and the time. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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